Switching health insurance policies can be very profitable!

15 Nov 2017 | LoonZorg

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Dear Expat,

Despite the fact that all health insurance companies in The Netherlands offer exactly the same Dutch public health insurance, the premium may vary. Besides that some of the insurance companies only offer a limited quantity of care providers which people can visit in order to receive the full reimbursements.



Please be reminded that soon you are allowed again to change health insurer. In order to do so it is important to cancel your current insurance before the 1st of January.

One of the public health insurance policies that can be very interesting to switch to is the No Risk policy of HollandZorg. In addition to what is already covered by the mandatory public health insurance ('Basisverzekering'), the No Risk policy offers the following extra benefits:

-              Coverage of emergency dental care to a value of 200,- euros per year

-              Coverage of repatriation within geographical Europe

-              This insurance can be ended with one day's notice

-              Coverage of the "Own Risk" (385,- euro)!

-              Low premium


Important to know about this product:

-              The policy does also come with a voluntary excess.

This means that if people exceed the 385,- euro of care expenses people will next year receive an
invoice for the costs above the 385,- with a maximum of 500,- euro.

-              Since there is already a supplementary insurance attached to the No Risk policy, people cannot add extra supplementary insurances to it.


The 'No Risk' policy has a monthly premium of 95,40 euros (premium 2018).

The only two requirements for this insurance policy:

-              People must have a foreign (non-Dutch) passport and

-              People have to be employed in the Netherlands or must have a partner that takes out the No Risk policy.

Expats (and their expat partners) who are newly arrived or currently settled in the Netherlands are both eligible for this policy.

Registration is easy via: https://www.loonzorg.com/register 


For people that need extra supplementary insurances and people that are currently not employed, LoonZorg provides insurance policies with a 7% discount.  

LoonZorg is intermediary and is glad to help you with your insurance queries. LoonZorg also offers a transfer service. We are able to cancel your old insurance for you if you take out a new policy via LoonZorg before the 29th of December.

For more information please find following contact details: www.loonzorg.com / info@loonzorg.nl

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