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Shiatsu is gaining popularity. More and more people are curious about it. The basis is know:
It comes from Japan and it has to do with pressure points, but what is Shiatsu?



Shiatsu is a manual body treatment, that was introduced bij Tokujiro Namikoshi around 1920. He brought the eastern and western approach together to balance health.
He invented the word “Shiatsu”, which literally means “finger pressure”, to describe his method.

During the treatment, only the hands of the specialist are used. The thumb and palm play an essential role. The specialist treats the whole individual. Shiatsu works beneficially by stimulating the self-healing ability of the human body. Receiving Shiatsu on a regular basis ensures more balance in the physical and emotional body.

- Pain in your body not only affect its local environment, but eventually your entire body, both mental and physical. -

In Japan, Shiatsu is therefore considered as a treatment that improves health, quality of life and well-being.

Also Shiatsu is an excellent way to relax, become more aware of your body and you can contribute to your own health.

Some benefits of Shiatsu:

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Do you want to experience which benefits Shiatsu can offer you? Don’t hesitate and contact us to make an appointment!

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