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ANOTHER MEDEA by STET - The Hague&Eindhoven

16 November 2017 - 19 November 2017

ANOTHER MEDEA by STET - The Hague&Eindhoven


16 November 08:30PM - Kameleon Parktheater Eindhoven
Elzentlaan 50, 5615 CN Eindhoven

17, 18, 19 November 08:30PM - Nationale Theater ZAAL3 The Hague
De Constant Rebequeplein 20-A, 2015 RA The Hague


STET The English Theatre presents Another Medea in the Parktheater in Eindhoven and Zaal3 in The Hague in November 2017. This solo-play by American playwright Aaron Mark is directed by the Belgian director David Geysen. STET will present an adaptation based on the classic text Medea of Euripides (431 BC) each year between 2016 and 2020.

Another Medea
Another Medea is an adaptation of Medea from a very different perspective. It takes place in New York City in a relationship between two men. The incarcerated charismatic and enigmatic New York actor Marcus Sharp, recounts in gruesome detail how his obsessions with a wealthy doctor, Jason, and the myth of Medea lead to horrific, unspeakable events. The audience knows what is coming but the outcome is unescapable. The sharp and evocative text by Aaron Mark leaves them no other option than to listen. The battle between Medea and Jason has been told and retold, adapted and re-imagined time and again, but never quite like this.

Director David Geysen
David Geysen of Dégradé theatre collective (previously De Appel TC The Hague) will direct this new adaptation of Medea. Together with Carl Beukman, David is artistic director of Dégradé, a new Hague-based theatre company which explores new ways of performance with sound and light.

International artistic team
The co-operation between David Geysen, Greek scenographer Vasilis Apostolatos and South African actor Albert Pretorius makes this a truly international production. Rehearsals start as of 11 October in the Appelloods in The Hague.

Albert Pretorius, who performs in the role of Marcus Sharp,  has worked previously in the Netherlands. He collaborated with David Geysen on Mike Graan’s Insomnia in The Hague (2008). This continued in 2009 and 2011 in South Africa during the ABSA KNKK festival with Ararat (where Pretorius was nominated for Best Newcomer) and Messen in Hennen, which was nominated for Best Direction.

Greek designer Vasilis Apostolatos is the scenographer of Another Medea and is responsible for the play’s atmosphere. Apostolatos is also part of the STET artistic team developing the Medea series. He lives in The Hague and is affiliated with STET as its regular designer.

Playwright Aaron Mark’s latest work Sqeamish opened in New York on 6 October in the Beckett Theatre. Tony award nominee Alison Fraser will perform the part of an obsessed psychotherapist in this solo-piece. 

STET The English Theatre

With the Medea series STET aims to explore and research this classical test from different artistic and cultural perspectives, connecting it with such topical issues as the Medea within ourselves in this world full of terror and disbalance. STET works on this with performers from the Netherlands and abroad to create a platform for international artistic dialogue between performers and writers.

Another Medea opens 16 November in the Parktheater in Eindhoven and continues to Zaal3 in The Hague for three more performances on 17, 18 and 19 November.

€ 11,00 - € 24,50
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