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A lyric fairytale where many art forms come together to tell the magical story. Come and meet the Snow Queen and discover her world. In this intimate setting with the traditional fairytale as the backdrop, the Snow Queen will challenge you with themes of love, desire, duty and passion.

Alchemy Ensemble brings H. C. Andersen’s “The Snow Queen" to the stage to tell the story of young lovers Kai and Gerda, and the dreaded Snow Queen. With music, dance and sumptuous costumes by Peter George d'Angelino Tap. This performance is a rich retelling of the traditional tale.

After Kai’s heart is frozen by a shard of glass from an evil mirror, the Snow Queen finds him and tempts him away to her ice palace. We then follow the desperate quest of the distraught Gerda as she journeys to win back her love. But with this tale we learn that the Snow Queen is much more than she appears! Gradually we see a different side of the icy and treacherous Queen. A side for which we can even find compassion.

The role of the Snow Queen is played by soprano Nicole Jordan who sings songs from the Romantic era (c.a. 1800 – 1900) by composers such as Franz Schubert, Gabriel Fauré, and Hector Berlioz. The mirror is played by Annemieke IJzerman and choreography by Jozefien Debaillie (Scapino Ballet).

Artistic director & Soprano: Nicole Jordan (Snow Queen)
Choreography & Dance: Jozefien Debaillie (The Goblin)
Harp: Annemieke IJzerman (The Mirror)
Costume and decor: Peter George d'Angelino Tap
Lighting design: Vasilis Apostolatos

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