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6 keys rekindling your career despite a life on the move

- Did you leave your career behind when you moved abroad or did it get lost in transit?

- Is your professional identity still bubble-wrapped and waiting for when you locate the perfect place or right time?

- Do you long to get involved in something meaningful that’s just for you and puts the mojo back into your life?

 If these questions light a spark inside you then you need to come along and be inspired by this fun, interactive, informative workshop, led by Colleen Reichrath-Smith, GCDF, career consultant to mobile career adventurers and co-creator of the Career in Your Suitcase Way. 

  • Discover the real challenges behind a portable career
  • Learn our Six Must-haves that really can make this happen
  • Get a taste of how you could find your own Career in Your Suitcase©
  • Take that first small step towards your own reinvention
  • Please use the following link to register:


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