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The WBII are proud to present a series of Professional Development Workshops for the modern Entrepreneur. 

The workshop will help power your business by exploiting communication and digital media at another level!

Negotiation for Success: Strengthen your business. Increase your profits, with Jonathan Talbott of Talbott International Presentations (TIP)

The only way that you can survive without negotiating is if you live alone, have no neighbours and are completely self-sufficient. Otherwise, negotiation is a necessary life skill.
Indeed, it’s a life skill that everyone could learn how to do better. Negotiations not only make the difference between success and failure in business, they also make the difference between enjoyment and frustration.

In this workshop we’ll discuss tools to reach mutually beneficial solutions, also known as win-win negotiating. Further, we’ll talk about when not to negotiate, how to deal with difficult negotiating partners, and how to avoid emotional blackmail.

We’ll even spend some time learning some verbal and non-verbal persuasion techniques that can make the negotiation process smoother.

Many members of WBII know Jonathan Talbott (TIP) from his pitching and debating workshops and from his work with TEDx speakers. He also gives a small number of practical workshops per year on principled negotiation. This year one of those workshops will be part of our PDW series.

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