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An intimate performance about fathers in the eyes of their sons!

Storytellers Raphael Rodan and Sahand Sahebdivani are close friends that come from enemy countries, Iran and Israel.

In "My Father Held a Gun" they decide to confront their past, being the sons of men who lived through wars and revolutions. Do they measure up to the examples that were set by those who came before them?

They realize that if life had taken a slightly different direction their fathers would have been aiming their guns at each other. How will this realization effect their friendship?

Raphael and Sahand toured Europe with the successful Kingdom of Fire and Clay, which dived into the lives of their mothers and their animosity as an Israeli and an Iranian.

For this show they are joined by musical wizards Iman Spaargaren and Guillermo Celano.

€ 19,50 Full Price
€ 14,50 Young Ticket / CJP and Student
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