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Languages are a major part of our lives. We use them daily to communicate, and as expats we usually speak more than one - switching from one to the other, sometimes even mixing them.

Our expert for the March gathering is Jolanta van Holstein. Born in Poland, she has been living in The Netherlands for more than 26 years.

During the workshop, Jolanta will share her biggest passion with you - her passion for languages. Multilingual herself, she believes that language is fundamental to cultural identity. In the evening's activities, participants will have the opportunity to discuss their own experiences with language, how it affects our life as internationals and expatriates, and how it enables dialogue. There will also be a mini-course in the international and neutral language Esperanto.

Jolanta has applied her language and cultural knowledge in various projects. During her work as account manager at a large horticultural products export company, she used her linguistic and multicultural skills to make inroads into the Polish market. Her experiences taught her that the biggest problems among people arise out of misunderstanding. More recently, Jolanta has been helping Dutch entrepreneurs and Polish companies establish business relationships. She very much appreciates being able to combine her professional work with her passion. During her spare time, she also works at The Foundation International Esperanto-Institute in The Hague.

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