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Connecting Women | October Gathering: Sustainability

Sustainability – Who do we do it for?

Are you wondering how you can bring sustainability into your life in a more natural, easy, and holistic way?

Please join us for an inspiring evening of conversation and insight on how to integrate and act on your sustainability goals.


The objective of this workshop is to listen to, practice with, learn from and experience – each other. Our expert Hugo Skoppek will give a brief presentation about sustainability, his story and mission. During some exercises, we will explore the meaning and practical application of sustainability in our daily life. And Hugo will facilitate the concluding conversation to reach a deeper understanding of the subject. You will have an opportunity to develop concrete steps to implement sustainability in your own life or your workplace.


Hugo Skoppek has been involved in sustainability since 1974 and has worked at every level along the supply chain. He has held leadership positions with major organic and fair-trade certifiers in Europe and the US.  He currently runs his own company: CSR-International, helping clients to implement sustainability in their businesses. In addition to sustainability, Hugo has a lifelong interest in communication.  As a volunteer, he has taught parenting classes and worked with disadvantaged youth to help them develop into capable people.  After he participated in an extensive research project about human dialogue, he has started an initiative called SlowTalk, because he feels that the way we communicate can contribute significantly towards the successful implementation of sustainability strategies. In his free time, Hugo cooks for pleasure, does gardening for balance and enjoyment, walks and cycles as exercise, travels for inspiration, and loves a good conversation to connect.


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