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We all live busy lives. Sometimes the fast pace of life causes us to feel inconsistent with what we feel inside and we show on the outside. This conflict can stop us from living the life of our dreams. Esther van Leeuwen, the expert for the CW June workshop, will help us to connect with our inner world. Esther says: “For years I was not following my own truth. I lived from my mind and lost connection with my body, my emotions and intuition. This caused stress and unhappiness in my life. When I started to listen to my own inner voice, my body signals, my emotions and my intuition, my life changed completely. I am now able to live my own truth. And I like to share my experiences with you.”

During the workshop, we will do some practical meditation/ relaxation exercises where we also use our pelvic floor muscles. Thus, wearing comfy clothes would be handy.

Esther van Leeuwen has a passion for personal development. She loves people and discovering how the process of life works. Her specific services for women stem from the fact that she struggled enormously with her femininity – with not allowing her own needs and boundaries, and with not allowing herself to be vulnerable in intimate relationships as well as in daily life. Esther has a university background in Organizational Psychology and had a business role in technical project management. Currently, she works as self-employed coach providing individual and team coaching.

Free for CW members, €15 for guests (including drinks and snacks)

Please register via Eventbrite to allow us proper planning, via the following link: http://cw-jun2017-gathering.eventbrite.com

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