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Winter 2016: Turn on to Dutch TV

Winter 2016: Turn on to Dutch TV

Dear ACCESS readers,

My relationship with Dutch TV started the minute I began my expat life, arriving at Schiphol wearing tall rain boots and shuffling three extra-large suitcases. To my surprise, on the other side of Customs was a camera crew greeting me to my new country.

You see, while he waited for me to arrive, roses in hand, my boyfriend was interviewed by Joris Linssen, host of Hello Goodbye, a reality show featuring people saying - you guessed it - ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ to loved ones at the airport. The show is wrought with emotion, telling of couples coming together at Arrivals, families separating at Departures. The emotional turmoil of terminals: a simple concept that the Dutch people have been in love with this past decade. (By the way, apparently our personal love story was not emotional enough to put on air — or maybe it was the blue rubber boots?)

What was your first impression of Dutch television? Do you enjoy any of the top picks Cathy Leung describes in our cover story? A popular ‘reality’ show? A dating competition or talk show? Also find out from Molly Quell about Dutch people’s TV habits, opening a gateway for us to get to better know our Dutch neighbours.

When you’re done with the couch-potato tales, get inspired by Patrick Mulligan’s article on Dutch dance, an inspiring world sure to move you! Carolyn Vines confesses her love for Dutch breads, and in an exclusive illustration just for us, Gemma Gahan shares her challenge to figure out some unrecognisable everyday tools that the Dutch swear by.

Steven Ecott slows us down, inviting us to chill out and warm up like the locals on the island of Bonaire, a paradise once part of the Dutch Antilles where nowadays donkeys, flamingos and Dutch supermarkets make up the landscape.

Finally, a big thanks to our volunteer contributors, loyal readers and partners for your support this year. Here’s wishing you a prosperous and peaceful 2017!

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Mandie van der Meer-Danielski, Editor ACCESS Magazine




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