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Summer 2016: The bicycle of tomorrow

Summer 2016: The bicycle of tomorrow

Dear ACCESS readers,

On New Year’s Day I biked with my husband, Jeroen, to his parents’ house – a good hour-and-a-half one way from our place. This was considered a feat deserving of two thumbs up from my in-laws! It was a special occasion, to be sure, but even a reluctant cyclist like me had to appreciate the crisp, sunny afternoon cycling alongside De Kaag.

What about you? Are you a casual, ‘fair-weather biker’ like several of us at ACCESS? Or are you a hard-core cyclist – like 240,000 Dutch enthusiasts – with proper gear who rides for the journey, not the destination? Either way, summer is your season!

Given the prominence of the bicycle here, if we are to remain a part of the culture and landscape, then it behooves us to keep up with the innovations of bike designers, engineers and environmentalists who are developing a better life on two wheels. Gemma Gahan has the scoop about what the future holds for the bicycle in this edition’s cover story.

What if you haven’t yet learned to cycle? It’s never too late. Vera ter Beest got a first-hand account from brave souls who took up cycling as adults. Find your inspiration in the centerfold story and start enjoying the benefits of daily cycling. Plus, you’ll win points with your Dutch neighbors and family. They just love to hear when a foreigner has embraced the bicycle.

Read on for more in this edition where Tracey Taylor helps us stay active with other sports. Ute Limacher-Riebold tells us what it’s like to say goodbye to friends, whether you’re leaving or staying behind. Our pals at invite us to get to know them better. Don’t miss the news from ACCESS (hint: Amsterdam, we’re talking to you!). And let us know how you liked Magdalini Zografou’s special recipe for raspberry ice popsicles – perfect for those hot days I just know we’re going to get this summer.

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Mandie van der Meer-Danielski

Editor, ACCESS Magazine



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