Spring 2018 ACCESS Magazine

Spring 2018 ACCESS Magazine

Spring 2018 ACCESS Magazine

Dear ACCESS readers,

Having a baby has triggered memories of my own childhood: favourite games and toys, various misadventures with my brother… I find myself wishing I had brought photographs and artefacts with me from my mother’s attic, to better reflect and where I come from and how I grew up. Raising a child in a foreign land is, well, foreign. Nowadays I look especially to my past to inform my present and to plan my family’s future here.

For those of us who’ve moved around every few years, or settled permanently in the Netherlands, we struggle to make room for shoes and luggage—and bicycles!— let alone for boxes of memorabilia. It’s a luxury to store our personal memories. We’re fortunate, then, to have the Expatriate Archive Centre in The Hague. The centre, celebrating its 10-year anniversary, collects and maintains archives from expats and internationals anywhere in the world. I encourage every one of our readers to contribute one story or one photograph to the collection. For as globalisation encourages mobility, future explorers will benefit from our stories, our lessons, our lives. Find out how in the cover story by Sarah Bringhurst  Familia.

So how and where does a country as far-reaching at the Netherlands keep its memories? Pretty much all over the world! Alice Burke introduces us to just a few of the archives recording Dutch history and influence in the Americas, Australia, Indonesia and beyond, in the Dutch Lifestyle article. Jochem Lips explores the challenges of translating history in Arts & Entertainment. For our Food section, Stefan Penders cooks up an ancient Parthian chicken dish from the Romans, and there’s exciting news from ACCESS at the centrefold! There’s much more in the pages to follow, so grab an oranjekoek in honour of Europe’s Cultural Capital Leeuwarden, and get reading!

Finally, I offer big thanks Kelly Merks for the splendid work she did as interim editor of the magazine during my maternity leave. As Kelly and her husband begin their journey into parenthood, we here at ACCESS wish them great joy, and, naturally, meaningful memories, recording carefully, to last many generations.


Mandie van der Meer-Danielski

Editor, ACCESS Magazine



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